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This CDROM covers the English material taught in Kindergarten, First and Second Grades, and part of Third and Fourth Grades, of Elementary school.  The course has over 400 lessons using custom-made color pictures, multicolor text to highlight the different parts that make up words, multicolor printouts and over 10000 educational exercises that are fun to do.   The course is designed for young children at at home or school, as well as for adults.  Because of the large number of pictures, it is ideal for English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) course.  In addition, the course will help merge foreign students quickly into the regular school system.

The multimedia computer system required includes WINDOWS 98/95/NT4+, or a MAC using a WINDOWS emulator.  Microprocessor speed should be 333MHz or better with 32MB or more of RAM and 200MB+ free space on Hard Disk.


a kite

the die

a bike

I ride

a tie

the fire

the hive


a bite

I hide

a tire

the vine

Objective: To learn words where the sound  is spelled as i.   This sound is known as the long i sound.
Rule: The letter i often has the long sound in two-vowel words, or two-vowel combinations,  where the first vowel is i and the second vowel is silent.  For example, in the two-vowel word tire the i is long and the e is silent.  Also, in the two-vowel combination tie the i is long and the e is silent.

This CDROM course is like a private teacher because it is completely interactive.  Unfortunately, this Internet demonstration is not interactive.

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Title: Read and Speak English CDROM
(Teaches Vocabulary, Reading, Spelling, Pronunciation, Phonetics, Handwriting)
By: George N. Balanis, PhD, MBA and Toula Balanis, AA
Published by: Anotek, Inc.
Availability: 1 January 2000
Price: $95

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